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Smart Mirror


This is the best Smart Mirror in development and we believe that it will be the best product of its kind when we release. No other similar device offers the amount of control and customization we do. Some of the basic features and abilities our Smart Mirror currently has;

  • Custom profiles
    • Place your widgets where you want, even stack them (e.g. photos)
    • Add a profile picture
    • Optional password protection
    • Transfer your profile to another mirror using our companion app
  • Hardware
    • Wifi
    • Bluetooth
    • Microphone
    • Webcam
  • You choose how you control it
    • Touch
    • Voice
    • Gesture

These are just some of what we believe to be basic/standard components a Smart Mirror. Beyond that we also offer some features and abilities that no other similar product has.

  • Stand Alone Device
    • No phone, no problem
    • New platform
  • Built on Android
    • Open to developers
    • Access to any widget on the Google Play Store
    • Proven platform
  • Augmented Reality
    • The only device of its kind
    • Patent-pending idea
    • User positioned based reflective augmented reality
  • Complete Control
    • Add as many widgets as you would like
    • Place your widgets where ever you want, even stack them (e.g . photos)
    • No other device offers the amount of input controls we do
  • Powerful Companion Application
    • Setup your account from your phone
    • Transfer your profile by just walking up to a mirror
      • Installs any missing applications on new mirrors